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By Robert A Heinlein

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He demanded. There was the stir again. Stoles’ face no longer even pretended to smile. ’ It comes to this, Mr. Randall. We have other plans for Mr. . for your client. You must leave him alone. ” Randall stared back, uncowed. “I’ve never welshed on a client yet. ” “That,” admitted Stoles, shoving out his lips, “is a distinct possibility, I grant you, but one that neither you nor I would care to contemplate, save as a bombastic metaphor. Let us be reasonable. You are a reasonable man, I know, and my confreres and I, we are reasonable creatures, too.

But, damn it, he can’t do this to us—” “Can’t he? ” She ticked them off on her fingers. “He can be two places at once. He can make you see one thing and me another, at the same time— outside the Acme Building, remember? He can make you think you went to an office suite that doesn’t exist on a floor that doesn’t exist. He can pass through a locked door to use a typewriter on the other side. And he doesn’t leave fingerprints. ” He made an impatient gesture. “To nonsense. Or to magic. ” He laughed, but it was not merry.

Once they were alone in the elevator she turned to him. ” “Because,” he said bitterly, “while I don’t mind opposition, it makes me sore when my own client crosses me up. He dished us a bunch of lies, and obstructed us, and pulled some kind of sleight of hand on me in that Acme Building deal. ” “Well,” she sighed, “I, for one, will be very happy to give it back to him. ” “What do you mean, ‘give it back to him’? ” The car had arrived at the ground floor by now, but she did not touch the gate. “Teddy!

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