Allen Greenfield's A True History of Witchcraft PDF

By Allen Greenfield

Having spent the day musing over the origins of the modern
witchcraft, I had a bright dream. It a chilly January
afternoon, and Aleister Crowley used to be having Gerald Gardner over
to tea. It was once 1945, and speak of an early finish to the struggle was
in the air. an environment of optimism prevailed within the "free
world" , however the wheezing previous magus used to be having none of it.
"Nobody is drawn to magick any more!" Crowley ejaculated.
"My acquaintances at the Continent are useless or in exile, or grown old;
the flow in the United States is in shambles. i have visible my best
candidates flip opposed to me....Achad, Regardie -- even that
gentleman out in California, what is - his - identify, AMORC, the
one that made all of the money.."

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