Download e-book for kindle: Adam's Dream: Mythic Consciousness in Keats and Yeats by James Land Jones

By James Land Jones

The author's vital objective is to teach that the poetry of Keats and Yeats is expert via a suite of assumptions, a style of apprehension, which marks it as a undeniable type of poetry: Romantic poetry characterised specifically via the weather of mythic considering analyzed through Cassirer and Eliade.


Introduction: The intent for Myth
Chapter One: Soul Making
I "Curious Conscience"
II "My powerful id, My actual Self
III "A Greeting of the Spirit"
Chapter : harmony of Being
I "Energy" and "Essence"
II "Beauty in All Things"
Chapter 3: The big Idea
I "From Feathers to Iron"
II "An Interchange of Favors"
III "Time Annihilate"
IV "The Finer Tone"
Chapter 4: the nice Moment
I "There all of the Gyres Converge in One"
II "Fellowship Divine"
Chapter 5: Melancholy's Sovran Shrine
I "The beaches of Memory"
II the 2 Hyperions
Conclusion: Adam's Dream

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