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The work features a very fun fast 3/8 section with many scale-wise sixteenth note runs. The 3/8 section continues where it moves into one of the most beautiful waltz melodies ever written for the euphonium. This would make for a fantastic recital piece. Albinoni, Tomaso. Sonata for Violin and Bass. /arr. Ronald Dishinger. Medici Music Press. 1996. 50. 8:00. III–IV. G – aЈ. Four movements: Grave/Adagio; Allegro; Adagio; Allegro. A very musical sonata that would make a wonderful change of style for a recital.

Arr. Ronald Dishinger. Medici Music Press. 1998. $12. 12:00. III–IV. F – f Ј. Four movements: Adagio; Allegro; Adagio ma non tanto; Allegro. This is a rich sounding arrangement as it rarely leaves the lower to middle registers. The first movement is very slow and expressive. There are countless beautiful passages and places to build tension due to the slow harmonic movement. It is mostly slurred 32nd note runs with many embellishments. Simply put, this is a florid and extremely beautiful movement.

2:00. IV–V. c – aЈ. This slow and jazzy solo with optional solos with chord changes would be a fantastic change of pace on any recital. The solo part is in treble clef or bass clef. Anthony, Yvonne. Journey to the Centre. Spin Off Music. 2004. 6:20. VI. D–b Ј. This highly technical showpiece is a tour de force! It has challenging rhythms, many challenging technical passages, is mostly in the middle register, and comes in both bass and treble clef parts. This is a highly energetic and powerful work that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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