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By Joseph J. Rotman

Publish yr note: First released in 1988

A transparent exposition, with routines, of the elemental rules of algebraic topology. compatible for a two-semester direction in the beginning graduate point, it assumes a data of aspect set topology and uncomplicated algebra. even though different types and functors are brought early within the textual content, over the top generality is refrained from, and the writer explains the geometric or analytic origins of summary strategies as they're brought.

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Download e-book for kindle: An Invitation to Morse Theory (2nd Edition) (Universitext) by Liviu Nicolaescu

This self-contained therapy of Morse idea makes a speciality of functions and is meant for a graduate direction on differential or algebraic topology. The publication is split into 3 conceptually distinctive components. the 1st half includes the principles of Morse concept. the second one half comprises functions of Morse thought over the reals, whereas the final half describes the fundamentals and a few functions of complicated Morse concept, a.

Download PDF by Wu Yi Hsiang (auth.): Cohomology Theory of Topological Transformation Groups

Traditionally, purposes of algebraic topology to the examine of topological transformation teams have been originated within the paintings of L. E. 1. Brouwer on periodic changes and, a bit later, within the appealing fastened element theorem ofP. A. Smith for high periodic maps on homology spheres. Upon evaluating the mounted aspect theorem of Smith with its predecessors, the mounted element theorems of Brouwer and Lefschetz, one unearths that it truly is attainable, at the very least for the case of homology spheres, to improve the realization of mere life (or non-existence) to the particular decision of the homology form of the mounted aspect set, if the map is believed to be leading periodic.

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Show that X and Y do not have the same homotopy type. 5. 6. Contractible sets and hence convex sets are connected. 7. Let X be Sierpinski space: X = {x, y} with topology {X, 0, {x}}. Prove that X is contractible. 8. (i) Give an example of a continuous image of a contractible space that is not contractible. (ii) Show that a retract of a contractible space is contractible. 9. If J: X -+ Y is nullhomotopic and if g: Y homotopic. -> Z is continuous, then go J is null- The coming construction of a "cone" will show that every space can be imbedded in a contractible space.

3. 2) that if f and 9 are paths with 9 constant, then I' ~ g' reI {1} if and only if there is a free homotopy I' ~ g'. The Fundamental Groupoid 41 Definition. If I: I .... ). A path I in X is closed at Xo if CL(f) = Xo = w(f). ) = meg); therefore we may speak of the origin and end of a path class and write CL[fJ and w[f]. E X, then the constant function ip: I .... X with ip(t) = P for all tEl is called the constant path at p. If I: I .... X is a path, its inverse path 1-1: I .... X is defined by tl-+ 1(1 - t).

8 applies. Finally, if V is an open set in Y, then f-l(V) is an open set of the stated form: f-l(V) = f-1f(f-l(V)); the result now follows easily. D Remark. If A is a subset of X and h: X --+ Z is constant on A, then h is constant on the fibers of the natural map v: X --+ X/A. 10. Let X and Z be spaces, and let h: X --+ Z be an identification. Then the map

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